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Posted on February 20, 2015

UPDATE-03: Concrete Foundation

This Saturday, March 14, 2015 the concrete foundation of the new clubhouse will be poured.  As a result of this, the whole day starting at 8 o’clock in the morning, concrete trucks will be driving in and out of the premises.  This activity, may cause some nuisance especially in the area of the the maintenance building/golf cart (buggy) garages and also on the access road. 

Golfers are strongly advised to use extra caution when walking to the tee boxes of holes 14 and 5 and when crossing the road coming from holes 4/13. Also, those who plan to use their golf cart (buggy) on Saturday, are advised to take it [buggy] out of the garage early because access may become a problem once the concrete pouring starts.

UPDATE-02: New Clubhouse Construction

Preparations of the construction grounds was done successfully. The terrain was excavated andthen elevated. Cables and water lines, where possible, were moved and marked and finally, the compactness of the ground was measured and approved.

The next step is marking the terrain and start preparations to lay the slab foundation. Exciting developments of which the results will become visible in a short term.

Last but not least, the loan agreement with Orco Bank and Algemeen Pensioenfonds Curacao was signed and we are now awaiting word from the notary for official signing of the mortage.

Posted on January 15, 2015

UPDATE-01: New Clubhouse Construction

During the next days, the loan agreements with APC (Algemeen Pensionfonds Curacao) and Orco Bank will be signed whereas APC and Orco Bank together will finance the construction of the new clubhouse. In addition, the tender of the construction has been awarded to DS Construction and the tender of the technical installations to GEWI.

With this milestone, we have reached the point that construction can really start. This week, the necessary preparations will be made to the construction site and starting next week, large trucks will be driving up and down our access road. This construction traffic will be intensive in the morning until 14:00 hrs. the latest. After 15:00 hrs. there will be no more traffic. . 

The drivers of the trucks will receive specific instructions regarding speed and on how to handle golfers on the course who have to cross at holes 5 and 9. Still, golfers are advised to use extra caution when crossing the road. 

For their own safety and the safety of the construction workers, members are kindly requested to refrain from entering the construction site. The boundaries of the site will be clearly marked.