The Curacao Golf & Squash Club offers the following types of membership for Golf, Squash or a combination of Golf and Squash:

1. Company Membership

For companies registered in Curacao. A company can appoint two representatives (individuals) who will be considered members of the Club under this Company Membership. These members the two representatives of the company) have the following privileges:

2. Regular Membership
For persons 19 years or older. Every first member of a family will be designated as "regular member". Unless there is a preference for another type of membership, when additional members of a "regular member's" family become a member, they will be designated "family member" of "junior member" depending on the age of a member.

3. Independent Junior Membership
For persons 8 years and older who have not reached the age of 19 years and who are not a "family member" as mentioned in 2. Regular Membership.

4. Student Membership
For students - not fully employed in Curacao - 19 years or older who have not reached the age of 27.

5. Temporary Membership
The Board can grant a person a "temporary membership" when this person when applying for membership, expects to stay in Curacao longer than two (2) month but shorter than twelve (12) months.

6. Absentee Membership
The Board can grant an "absentee membership" upon request to a person who will not reside in Curacao for a minimum period of six (6) consecutive months.

7. Honorary Membership
Can be granted by the General Membership Meeting to a person who has made a significant contribution to the Club.

8. Society Membership
The Board can grant a "society membership" upon request to partners of members or former members who are not a member, do not play golf or squash but want to make use of the clubhouse. This membership does not have the right to vote.