Jorge Vargas Hayder winner of Pais Korsou/10/10 Cup

First Prize with 40 Stableford Points


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Jorge Vargas Hayder

 with the 10/10  Plate 2018


Pieter van Thiel wins A-flight Stableford in Play Off 2 with 39 stableford points. 

and Jorge Vargas Hayder wins B-Flight  in Play Off 2 with 40 points

Jorge becomes overall winner and takes away the 1000 Cap Cup points.

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In A flight runner up was Deryck de Man with 39 stableford.

Third place, Wouter Sjoerdsma  with 37 after untying

the scorecards of him, Taylor Hines,  Marten O'Neil and Chris Quast.

   In B-flight runner -up : Coen Hilgersom with 35 points. 

Third place: Franklin Alberg with 33 stableford points. 

   Neary on 6: Deryck de Man

Neary on 8: Eric Vesseur

    Neary on 15: Myra Vesseur

      Neary on 17: Pieter van Thiel

Results Cap Cup Play Off 2

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Cap Cup Points after Play Off 2

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