Two Men Best Ball

Tjacko Cruijs and John Koote

Odoo - Sample 1 for three columns


 Tjacko Cruijs and John Koote winners of the TMBB with a score of 46

Stablefordpoints. There were four couples with a score of 43 points.

After the untie Runner-Ups were Ploeme Taams and Myra Vesseur followed by 

Shirley Kluyver and Angelique Schoop, Jeroen and Cathelijne Starreveld and also 

with 43 points Tina Vermeulen and Sady van Borssum Waalkes.


On hole 6: Woldemar Tedder

On Hole 8: Huber Mariana our new appointed Boardmember

On Hole 15: Aiden Maduro

On Hole 17: Jeroen Starreveld.

Congratulations to all Prizewinners.

Results Saturday TMBB