Monthly Medal, Final results of the Ringer Match and Sint & Piet

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Winners of the Monthly Medal of December: Christa Weijer and Myra Vesseur.

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Proud and surprised winners of the 2018 Ringer Match: Charlene Peiliker in A-flight and Stella van der Roest in B-flight.

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This Tuesday we played our last Monthly Medal Match of the year. Although we could lift, clean and place our ball through the green, due to the muddy conditions of the course,  everybody had a tough time out there. Christa Weijer en Myra Vesseur both shot 75 net and won the day prizes. It wasn't the best score, but it was enough. Well done!

We had a very festive celebration of Sinterklaas, his birthday as well as Annette's, very delicious cakes with our tea from Annete and Charlene, and afterwards, a lot of wine from Annette, followed with beautifull and tasteful desserts from Charlene.

Sinterklaas visited us with her Piet and had a wonderfull poem ready for us. Dank u Sinterklaasje!!! We are always so pleased that you take the time to come to our golf club.

Sinterklaas announced the winners of the Ringer Match, which was played from September till November 2018. Charlene Peiliker won the A-flight with a score of 50 net, while Stella won the B-flight with 48 net. Congratulations, Ladies.

 Next week will be the last Tuesday Ladies Afternoon match of the year. We will tee off for the holidays with our yearly Glühwein drinks. Please bring a mug.

Hope to see you all!