The Golf Pro

A golfer has to train his/her swing on the practice range and than trust it on the course.   - Dr. Bob Rotella


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Shop Hours :                                                    Rentals

Daily except for Monday and Sunday                 Taylor Made Aero Burner

08.00- 11.30 hrs.                                             Complete set with Trolley      

13.30- 18.00 hrs.                                             Ladies and Men ( L and R)

                                                                        9 Holes : Ang 50,00 /$ 25,00

                                                                        18 Holes:  Ang 75,00 /$ 50,00

                                                                        Trolley $ 5,00 



Tips from your pro

tips from your pro week 8 July


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December Grip Month! 

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Golf Pro: Willem de Haes

Golf is and will always be a matter of playing the game, taking lessons and practice what you learn.

At the Curaçao Golf & Squash Club we have various practice facilities:  We have a driving range with 11 mats, a chipping  and putting green with 6 holes and a greenside as well as a fairway bunker.  You can experience whatever you  can do with a golf club.  Practice is free!  Buy your tokens in the shop or at the bar to get practice balls from the ball machine next to the entrance of the pro shop. Our club is for members only, open daily except Sunday afternoon.

Really want to improve your golf game?

email me


visit my website

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A new way to improve your Game!

Thanks to a student, I was able to buy a launch monitor for lessons and practice: 


SkyTrak !!!


The launch monitor gives you 6 data on your swing to give you a more accurate analysis on what really happens 
when you are swinging the golfclub:


Carry Distance 
Spin control 
Effective loft  
Angle of approach


With or without your own smartphone, iPad or tablet you can see and save the data to see your improvement. 
device also gives you averages so you can compaire the consecutive practice sessions, and so see your improvement 
or realise what swing details you should work on.


You can use the SkyTrak for Naf 20.-- per session (buy 10 pay 9) so you can call me to make a reservation.


Willem de Haes your PGA Pro


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The device for more accurate swing analysis.

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iPad, Tablet or  Smartphone

You can use any tablet  or smartphone to login on the SkyTrak software.

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Let's start

Sky Trak and IPad connected and the practice can start.